Manufactured by Kent & Masters in Walsall in the UK.
This dressage saddle will suit you if you like the flexibility of a moveable support block and Velcro thigh block under the flap which can be positioned to suit your leg length and the amount of support required. Changeable girth straps which provide three possible girthing arrangements and allow you to optimise saddle stability. All designs are tested thoroughly using Pliance Pressure- mapping to ensure the saddles perform to the highest standards of pressure distribution, allowing your horse to move freely and comfortably without hindrance. A changeable gullet bar allows you or your saddle fitter to modify the width of the saddle’s gullet to suit the horse’s wither profile as the horse changes shape with either exercise, muscle development, maturity or rest. There are 7 options in the long R-bar. This saddle is flocked. It is black in colour and has a 17” seat.