From the highly respected Stubben factory in Germany this is a dressage saddle made with the latest technology, and beautiful soft leather. It has a flocked panel and also sports the Biomex seat.
Many riders (studies say over half) suffer from back pain, especially after they ride. When riding on a horse, the force exerted on the spine flows mainly through the seat bones. Pressure on these seat bones and the extremely sensitive soft tissues around them can cause pain. The Stübben Biomex* cushions the seat bones with two kidney-shaped pads, which absorb impact and relieve spinal stress. In addition, the depression between the kidney-shaped pads also plays a crucial role, as it substantially lessens any possible pressure on the soft tissues surrounding the seat bones.
This particular saddle is black, with a 17” seat and a 32 wither fit, it is in immaculate condition.